Carrie Wink is the owner of Athena's wink. She designs cute, geeky things with her crew of quirky ladies. They are based in New York City and travel around the country selling at video game, anime, and nerd culture conventions. Carrie has been making hats, flasks and other items for the last decade. She also makes costumes in her spare time for herself, theater, and for indie productions.

The mission of Athena's Wink is to continue to deliver high quality apparel and fashion accessories with a strong geek influence. In a time when anime, video games, comic books and other previously niche entertainment is flourishing, we've found that audiences are calling out for ways to express their love for these properties, made by people who obviously share that love.

Carrie Wink has been attending fan conventions for over 15 years and has experience vending at conventions for a decade. This gives her a unique insight into the mind of the convention goer, as well as a genuine ability to connect with those in attendance. Every convention is a magical experience for someone and at Athena's Wink, we always keep that at the forefront of our interactions with convention attendees.

Previously, Athena's Wink has shown at large shows such as New York Comic-Con, PAX Prime, PAX East, Anime Expo, Otakon and literally a hundred others.